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About Us

We are primarily a personal training facility located in Hamden, Connecticut. We choose personal training because it gives the best results in the shortest amount of time. It also allows us to really get to know our clients, which helps builds an amazing community. We are also home of Bashta's Martial Arts, who strive for excellence in Taekwondo and Sport Karate!



Using Cutting Edge Methods to Get You Results Faster!



"Incredible atmosphere, mixed with great equipment makes Stronghold the best gym in the area"


December 21, 2018

"Brand new gym. Hands down the best gym in the area. All brand new equipment and great atmosphere. You can tell the owners care about clients."


January 1, 2019

"It's like a playground. I've hit a new personal record every time I've come in so far!"


December 24, 2018

Stronghold Training Center

60 Connolly Parkway Bldg 7B

Hamden, CT 06514


Staffed Hours

Monday-Thursday: 4pm-8:00pm

Friday: 3pm-7pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm

Sunday: Rest Day


Personal Training By Appointment Only


Tel: 203-507-2119

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