• Sam Pattison

How to Make Faster Progress

One of the best ways to change the way you structure your training.

Instead of training on a 7-day schedule, change to a 5-day schedule. Your 5-day schedule would go as follows: Day 1, Day 2, OFF, Day 3 Off, Repeat. Now, you might think 3 days isn’t enough to get all your training in.

You would be wrong.

Most people have either way too much fluff in their training, or they have too much work in their training, that by the end of a session, their movement quality is total shit. At that point, you’re not really gaining the training adaptation that you’re looking for.

Now that you’re on a 5-day cycle instead of a 7-day cycle, you’ll get exposure to the important training sessions more. Over 28 days, you would have 5.5 exposures using the 5-day cycle vs 4 exposures using the 7-day cycle.

From there, structure your training sessions so that most, if not all, exercises are in an antagonist superset. Meaning, pair exercises together that don’t necessarily detract from each other. Or pair exercises that benefit from each other.

I used this method on a powerlifter getting ready for a meet. She had moved and started a new job recently, so her training was all over the place. She wasn’t anywhere near her previous personal records in the Squat, Bench, or Deadlift.

The meet she picked was 4.5 weeks away. We started her program on January 14, 2020 and the meet was on February 15, 2020.

She then did 3 cycles of a Functional Volume accumulation phase with an average intensity of 91%. After that, she moved into 3 cycles of an Intensification/Peaking phase with an average intensity of 96%.

In 4.5 weeks she went from:

280LB Squat

140LB Bench Press

310LB Deadlift



155LB Bench

330LB Deadlift

In total, she added 57 pounds to her total in 4.5 weeks. Not too bad.

PS – I can already hear someone saying “I can’t recover from that!” Well, chances are you’re wrong. Since I’ve started coaching, I’ve noticed most people don’t train nearly as hard as they think they do. And chances are you are not apart of the 1% of lifters that are so incredibly strong that they can’t recover from this.


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