• Sam Pattison

PNP #2: Nutrition is More Than Calories in vs Calories Out

This one frustrates me to the point of bashing my head through a wall.

There are many trainers that will tell their clients that nutrition is just an energy balance and that they should solely focus on calories in vs calories out. This could not be further from the truth. While calories in vs calories out is a variable in nutrition, it is not the ONLY variable in nutrition.

That's like if you were to tell a client, "Just do Highbar Squats for legs."

While Highbar Squats are a great exercise, you don't address other variables like reps, sets, tempo, load, stance width, heel elevation, etc.

A meal plan that is 1900 calories but consists of M&Ms and Yodels will elicit vastly different results than 1900 calories of high quality protein, fats, and carbs.

I get it. Those are polar opposite examples. However, even changing something like a carb source has a huge impact on body composition, strength, and results.

While you can get results from solely focusing on calories in vs calories out, it is not as effective or efficient in producing results as eating high quality foods that agree with you.

So if you, or a client wants to get results as fast as possible (who doesn't), you should look at a more holistic and meticulous approach to nutrition.


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