Sam Pattison

Head Trainer

 Sam is extremely passionate about training and loves using his knowledge to help those around him. He holds numerous certifications that have allowed him to hone his training methodology. His certifications include:


  • Westside Barbell Special Strengths

  • Kabuki Movement Systems Level 1

  • McGill Level 1

  • McGill Level 2

  • Strength Sensei Structural Balance

  • Strength Sensei Mastery of Program Design

  • Strength Sensei Neurotransmitter Program Design

  • Body Tempering 


Sam competes in powerlifting, and loves helping people get as strong as they possibly can. In his powerlifting career he has squatted 675, bench pressed 350, and deadlifted 725.


Junior Bashta

Head Martial Arts Coach

 Junior has over 25 years of experience in the martial arts. During that time he has competed in hundreds of tournaments and coached multiple students to state, national and world championships. He has experience in Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Sport Karate and Self Defense.


Junior teaches programs for children (3yrs+) and adults alike and has vast experience with teaching individuals with special needs. His ability to teach each individual in a way they can grasp and comprehend makes his style of martial arts training approachable for any and everybody.

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